Louis Arquié

Cupertino CA
(408) 873-9453

OBJECTIVE – Develop Rich Web User Interfaces


More than 20 inventions, 11 of them are currently U.S. patents

Creator of a successful prototype that became a product; the product became the core of a company; the company created around my prototype was sold 2 years later for $30 million.

GUI/HCI Development Expert: User Interface designer and GUI developer for Drive Setup, application released with all Macintosh. Several patents related to user interface features. Managed a team responsible for an award-winning Client. Strong ability in understanding end-user needs and translating them into technical reality: GUI, graphical representations, and localization.

Technical Expert: Thorough knowledge and experience with C, C++, Java and PHP, thorough understanding of JavaScript, the DOM, CSS and HTML. Strong Object-Oriented architecture and development: UML, design patterns, large OO project architecture. Developed internal tools, shrink-wrap applications, enterprise software client-server applications and web applications. Experienced developing on UNIX (Linux), Windows and Macintosh computers. Experienced with both sides of the OEM relationship. Worked in research centers, in development and in manufacturing. Professional experience in physics, electronics, signal theory, optical & mechanical engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, automation, optical and hard disc drives, performance optimization, storage protocols & devices, network protocols & devices.

Effective Manager: 3 years of senior engineering management experience. Simultaneously managed a team of 9 developers and a 35-developer project over 3 different sites. Led a large number of projects to completion. Frequently received the highest rating on performance reviews; recommended twice by former managers for a director position.


Zmanda Software Architect Sunnyvale 10/05 – Current

Zmanda is providing open-source backup and recovery solutions.

I am the architect and main developer of a web application (LAMP stack).

  • Implemented a User Interface prototype successfully demonstrated at MySQL conference in April 06.
  • Gathered all the requirements for the product
  • Architected the software application
  • Co-designed the User Interface
  • Designed the database table schemas (MySQL)
  • Implemented the server code (PHP)
  • Implemented charts on the server side (GD)
  • Implemented the client-side code (JavaScript, DOM, AJAX)
  • Released first version in February 2007.

SANavigator Project  7/99 – 7/05

SANavigator is a heterogeneous Storage Area Network (or SAN) manager: monitoring, configuring and troubleshooting potentially any software or hardware component in a SAN: switches, directors, storage systems, HBAs, drivers, etc.

I developed most of the successful prototype that became the product: SANavigator. That product became the core of a new company: SANavigator Inc. Two years later, the company created around my prototype was sold to McDATA for approximately $30 million. Five years later I was senior manager, leading 35 developers in 3 locations to release the next version of the product: a $10 million project with estimated revenues of $100 million.

SANavigator received 3 industry awards.

5 patents, 4 more patents pending.

McDATA Senior Manager Santa Clara 11/02 – 7/05

  • Led 35 developers in the last release of our client-server application. Discussed requirements with marketing. Wrote the engineering specification. Organized the developers in feature teams, selected feature team leads and feature team members. Organized and attended all user interface and engineering design reviews. Worked with the engineering project manager to provide a detailed project schedule (more than 1000 tasks). Reassign tasks to meet schedule. Follow up on all issues.
  • Managed 9 software engineers, the client team. Responsible for all aspects of people management: work assignment and follow-up, 1-on-1s, staff meetings, team activities, performance evaluations, budgets.
  • Communicated frequently with site managers in India to solve technical and communication issues.
  • Led a new module development in a previous release: Group Configuration Manager. This module is the only plug-in module in SANavigator; the GCM actions are themselves plug-ins.
  • Led the installer team in a previous release.
  • Managed the client side of the integration of 2 network management products.
  • Member of McDATA’s Patent Review Board.

McDATA Senior Engineer Santa Clara 9/01 – 11/02

  • Rearchitected the client with 2 other engineers. Created modular frameworks, central classes, and reusable components. Rearchitected the layout engine as a framework and a domain independent component.

SANavigator Senior Engineer San Jose 2/00 – 9/01

  • Led the first release of the application.
  • Developed the performance monitoring module with a small team: 1 UI designer, 1 other engineer. Originated a number of key concepts that add significant value to the product. The performance module became the highest selling module for the product: close to 100% connect rate.

Connex Creator of the SANavigator product San Jose 7/99 – 2/00

  • Only full time employee on the project for the first 6 months; wrote over 60% of the code and managed the development of a prototype that was successfully demonstrated at Comdex in November 99.

Apple Computer Senior Engineer Cupertino 7/90 – 7/99

Transitioned from optical engineer to software engineer. Learned C++ and Java. Developed two products shipped with all Macintosh. Technical lead for several products. Analyzed and improved the I/O performance of Apple products.

1 patent

  • Technical lead for the DVD Region Manager, a system extension that ships with all Macintosh. The DVD Region Manager development was a fast paced project, from conception to shipment in a few months. This project started very late, but my team finished ahead of schedule.
  • Co-developed Drive Setup 1.0, a key component of the MacOS. Developed the User Interface (design, implementation – 2 inventions) and part of the core functionality. In charge of the product specifications.
  • In charge of the factory tool that tested and initialized all Macintosh drives: support Apple factories and Apple drive vendors worldwide, add new functionality. On my own initiative, reduced the factory hard drive testing time by a minimum of thirty minutes. This resulted in significant savings for the company
  • Initiated and developed two Mass Storage utilities in C++ for performance measurement and for diagnostics. One of these tools is used throughout Apple. Developed two C++ frameworks for rapid tool development. Developed a graphical tool that reorders Macintosh resources inside a resource fork for performance improvement. Developed a suite of tools to capture, log and graphically analyze the drive requests. These tools are now essential to investigate I/O performance bottlenecks.
  • Analyzed I/O performance of CPUs, I/O interfaces, Apple drivers versus third-party drivers, and applications. Documented results, recommended improvements, followed through. This often resulted in significant performance increase for Macintosh users.
  • Developed a performance test suite to effectively test mass storage devices. Measured performance of hard drives as exercised by applications on a variety of Macintosh CPUs and a PC. Analyzed performance bottlenecks and came with detailed recommendations. Study documented in 7 technical notes widely read and used within Apple.
  • Performed a comprehensive study on the use of CD-ROM drives during typical user-level requests. Developed precise recommendations on the layout of CD-ROM titles.
  • Analyzed Apple’s CD-ROM and hard drives caching algorithms, recommended modifications, developed specification and followed through with drive vendors. Checked performance on all new drives.

Optical Disc Drive and Semiconductor Laser Development Before 7/90

Grew from junior engineer to manager, and from optics specialist to worldwide expert in optical disc drives.

Gave seminars in Taiwan and in the U.S.

6 patents


Ecole Superieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles (Paris), equivalent to M.S. Physics

Universite Paris 6. Advanced Degree in Electronics