JavaScript has nothing to do with Java

We probably have all stumbled on this one when we discovered the two names Java and JavaScript.

At both ends of the spectrum

Java? JavaScript? Probably the same language, right? Or at least very similar languages, like part of the same family, right? 

A marketing ploy

JavaScript was first developed by Netscape under the name Mocha, and later LiveScript. At that time the hot new language was Java.
I guess someone at Netscape must have thought that it would be cool to give that new language the name of JavaScript, confusing in the process generations of developers, managers and headhunters.

At the opposite ends of the spectrum

So the truth is that JavaScript has nothing to do with Java, except for the fact that both are modern software languages.

In fact if you rank current languages according to how structured they are, JavaScript will rank as one of the least typed, most dynamic, least structured, potentially dangerous and difficult to maintain and Java will rank as one of the most structured, highly typed and easier to maintain.

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